Nomex® MHP: Comfort, Durability and Multi-hazard Protection

Nomex® MHP: Comfort, Durability and Multi-hazard Protection

At DuPont, we constantly evaluate the needs of the market and work to develop new offerings to meet those needs. We hear loudly and clearly that workers want proven multi-hazard protection—against heat and flame, electric arc and small molten metal splash—with increased comfort and durability so they can do their job better and more safely.

Nomex® MHP is a new fabric specially engineered for electric arc and small molten metal splash protection, and it is designed to provide optimal moisture management for enhanced comfort.

Protection against multiple hazards

Nomex® MHP provides superior multi-hazard protection and proven performance to help keep workers safe. And unlike flame-retardant treated (FRT) cotton, this protection is born into the fabric so it cannot be washed out or worn away.

Specifically, Nomex® MHP provides consistent protection against unpredictable fires to help increase survivability. It delivers superior protection per weight ratio and is NFPA 2112 certified.

For arc flash protection, Nomex® MHP provides ATPV of 8.4 cal/cm2 protection in a lightweight 7 oz/yd2, single layer garment. It is NFPA 70E Category 2 compliant. Nomex® MHP also provides protection against small molten metal splashes from TIG welding, gas welding and spot welding. It meets international welding standard EN ISO 11611.


Highest overall comfort ratings

We understand that comfort and fit are essential parts of safety. The market told us repeatedly that improving comfort meant addressing the need to stay cool in hot, humid working conditions.

That’s why we designed Nomex® MHP for optimal moisture management. Nomex® MHP absorbs moisture faster and dries more quickly than FRT cotton. In fact, tests show that Nomex® MHP is 33% drier than FRT cotton after 60 minutes, which helps keep wearers more comfortable.

In an independent, third-party comfort study conducted by IFTH (French Institute for Textiles and Clothing), Nomex® MHP was the clear winner for comfort, rated highest for softness, smoothness, thinness, flexibility and crease recovery. 

Increased durability for longer-lasting garments

With Nomex® MHP, you get a stronger, more durable fabric with a longer lifespan, and ultimately, a better value. The exceptional durability of Nomex® MHP is a result of its high break strength—60% higher than FRT cotton—and its superior abrasion resistance. The high aramid content of Nomex® MHP provides this superior abrasion resistance, which actually improves with laundering. Predictions of long-term durability are based on a combination of performance in both abrasion resistance and break strength after laundering.


Comfort and performance for peace of mind

Building on the rich legacy of the Nomex® brand, DuPont developed Nomex® MHP—the next generation in multi-hazard protection. Like all garments made of Nomex®, those made of Nomex® MHP were subjected to rigorous testing, including thermal manikin testing, to help ensure that you receive the highest-quality products possible.

By providing protection beyond the standards while offering increased comfort and durability, Nomex® MHP can help you have greater peace of mind.


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