Single-use Tyvek® IsoClean® vs. Polyester reusable textile - penetration and wettability by liquids (droplet tests)


Once again, DuPont scientists tested the barrier performance of a commercial polyester, reusable textile garment, typically used in European cleanrooms and Clean & Sterile Tyvek® IsoClean® garment model IC 183 B DS. The tests were performed on new garments and results do not include garment wear and multiplewashing and irradiation cycles.

The tests measured penetration and wettability by liquids and included the following:

1. Deionized water droplet test
2. Methyl Blue droplet test
3. Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 30% droplet test
4. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) 40% droplet test


Perforemed droplet tests prove that Tyvek® IsoClean® Clean & Sterile repels water-based liquid  and shows no signs of liquid penetration unlike reusable polyester textile.


Discover the results of the tests: Tyvek IsoClean vs Reusable Polyester Textile - Droplet Tests

More information on Tyvek® IsoClean® and sample service available at

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