Life Cycle Assessment Verified by Independent Third Party


Results of a Life Cycle Assessment performed by DuPont and verified by an independent third party provide important insights for the packaging industry.

Comparing Flexo to Gravure

The first step in the Life Cycle Assessment was to compare the carbon footprint of flexo to gravure based on comparable substrate and printed area.

Flexo had a 50% savings in greenhouse gas generation and non-renewable energy consumption.

Comparing Cyrel® solvent to Cyrel® FAST

The second step in the Life Cycle Assessment was to compare the carbon footprint of solvent to Cyrel® FAST processing based on an equivalent volume of processed plates.

Cyrel® FAST demonstrated a 53% savings in greenhouse gas generation and a 63% reduction in non-renewable energy consumption.

Using ISO Guidelines

The ISO 14000 group of standards addresses various aspects of environmental management. Using ISO 14040 guidelines, DuPont performed this Life Cycle Assessment of flexographic plate imaging technologies and compared flexographic and rotogravure printing.


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